The V&E Greenline is a natural, green space located in Memphis, TN.

The V&E Greenline is a natural, green space located in Memphis, TN. The trail has a running length of 1.7 miles, stretches between Springdale and Watkins, and has intersections at Stonewall, Evergreen, McLean, and Jackson. 

The Greenline provides a natural, serene space for members of the community and beyond to exercise, walk their dogs, observe wildlife, or even visit with fellow users of the Greenline. From the tree canopy to the creek, nature abounds along the trail.The canopy overhead protects users from the sun's heat, making it comfortable for community members to meet, as well as giving the trail an iconic view.

The V&E Greenline has a number of natural and architectural landmarks.  

Starting on the west, the V&E Greenline starts at the North Parkway Bridge, across the street from Crosstown Concourse.  The Concourse is marketed as a vertical urban village that includes residential, commercial, businesses, the arts, health care, education and many other uses.  It is a great place to have a nice or quick meal, to attend one of the many events and meetings, or sip a beer at the Crosstown Brewing Company taproom, which will open later in 2018.

The V&E Greenline traverses through a number of neighborhoods with historic houses that date from the 1920s and have many architectural styles. 

The trail crosses Lick Creek which serves as a habitat for wildlife such as ducks, fish, snakes and turtles.  The area was once a source of flooding until the city constructed several detention ponds to contain the water.

The trail crossing at McLean Blvd has an vibrant commercial area that includes Dino’s Italian Grill and Café Eclectic. This area is also adjacent to Snowden School whose architecture dates to the turn of the twentieth century.

South of University Street is Rhodes College, which is not only an academic powerhouse, but has been long identified as one of the most architecturally beautiful colleges in the county.

North of University Street is Hallwood Drive which contains some of the most architecturally impressive houses in the Vollintine Evergreen Neighborhood.

Download the 2019 Annual Report to learn about the V&E Greenline's accomplishments and challenges during 2018.