The V&E Greenline depends on contributions and volunteerism. It does not received funds from any other organization or governmental entity.

The V&E Greenline was the first rails-to-trails project in Memphis and is one of few in Tennessee. It has been featured in Rails-to-Trails Magazine - including being named the trail of the month - and has been recognized by groups such as the Tennessee Conservation Association, the Memphis Flyer (as an outstanding Grassroots Organization and as a “Midtown project with real staying power”), and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as a Best Practice. The partnership of volunteers, businesses and contributors has made the V&E Greenline an impressive trail.

This success of the V&E Greenline also comes with a need for volunteers:

  • There is a need for committee members to guide this enterprise. Committee meetings are productive with a large agenda, but also a lot of fun in working with friendly and dedicated volunteers.
  • The V&E Greenline needs volunteers to help with maintenance such as adopting an area of the trail where the volunteer picks up limbs, trimming the edges of the trail, helping with a garden or other tasks.
  • The V&E Greenline has occasional clean up days in which volunteers work on a section of the trail or a specific task.  Examples include trimming overgrown shrubs, helping remove limbs from trees that have fallen, doing a cleanup of the grounds, raking leaves, spreading gravel on the trail, painting bollards, and installing needed trail accessories.  Interested volunteers are notified about the event through email.
  • The V&E Artwalk which occurs in April of each year needs many volunteers for this highly successful event. The V&E Artwalk needs volunteers to help plan the event. There are also numerous tasks before the V&E Artwalk, such as passing out public relations material in the surrounding neighborhoods, delivering posters to businesses, helping install signs about the event and preparing the grounds before the event. There is a need of volunteers the day of the event, such as volunteers for the information desk, crossing guards, food and drink servers, and helping set up and take down the event.  Starting March 15, the V&E Artwalk will set up an electronic signup sheet for volunteering on the date of the event.

If you'd like to volunteer with the V&E Greenline, fill out our Volunteer Survey!

This success of the V&E Greenline also comes with a need for contributors:

  • The V&E Greenline has a yearly donation campaign that starts on March 1 and continues into the summer.  Please contribute since this is the sole source of funds for maintenance and management of the trail. See the donation section of the website for ways of donating. 
  • The V&E Greenline receives grants for both small and large capital improvements on the trail.  If you have fundraising skills, please join the committee to help write grants and find other sources of funding.
  • Corporate sponsors are needed for the V&E Artwalk.  See the V&E Artwalk section of the website for more information.