V&E Greenline

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1680 Jackson Ave.
Memphis, TN 38107

Email: vegreenline@gmail.com  
Phone: (901) 276-1782

V&E Greenline Committee

The V&E Greenline Committee discusses issues related to the V&E Greenline—it is a productive committee where the members have fun working on V&E Greenline issues.

The committee normally meets the Third Monday every month at 6:00 PM at the VECA Welcome Center at 1680 Jackson Avenue. See the Calendar or email vegreenline@gmail.com to confirm meetings since there are occasional changes.

The committee welcomes the involvement of residents, users of the V&E Greenline and adjacent owners.

Current Officers:

Greg Lieberman, Chair & President

Scott McDermott, Vice-Chair

Brian Floyd, Treasurer

Mike Kirby, Secretary