The V&E Greenline is privately owned by the V&E Greenline Community Corporation (called corporation) and managed by the V&E Greenline Committee of VECA (called committee). Both the corporation and committee give permission for others to use the land for passive recreational purposes—except in those cases where the use or user is prohibited. Anyone who uses the V&E Greenline accepts the limitations and regulations imposed by both the corporation and committee. All photographs taken on the property of the V&E Greenline are considered to be in the public realm, can be used without permission, and cannot be limited by copyright.

For Adjacent Property Owners

Owners wanting to access the Greenline for any construction, alteration, grading, vegetation and tree removal, or anything else will need to file a written application to the V&E Greenline, 1680 Jackson Ave, Memphis, TN 38107. Please call or if you have any questions.

Trash and Debris: Adjacent owners and their contractors who enter the Greenline to do maintenance work on fences or property are expected to promptly clean up and remove all debris. Yard debris and wood can be hauled to the nearest curb and will be picked up by the city. Building trash and loose construction debris must be hauled away. Owners should make their contractors aware of this responsibility ahead of time, mention it in the contract, and insist that clean-up be completed as part of the job.

Cutting Down Trees: One of the main missions of the Greenline is urban reforestation and wildlife habitat. Tree preservation has become especially urgent in the face of recent natural disasters that have cost us many trees. Owners are not allowed to cut trees on the Greenline without prior approval. If anyone wishes to cut down a tree, please contact the Greenline Committee in person or in writing to obtain permission. Owners who need to cut down a tree on Greenline property should present their reasons, and a plan for planting at least two new tree in a better location, so there will be a net gain in trees rather than a loss.

Volunteering and Contributing: The adjacent owners benefit from the enhanced V&E Greenline (see the History section of this website). The Greenline increases their property values and provides them with a ready source of recreation. All users, neighbors, and adjacent owners are encouraged to volunteer their time at "Spruce Up the Greenline" events and to make financial contributions for the upkeep of the V&E Greenline.

Uses and Prohibitions

Permitted Uses

  • Pedestrian traffic (e.g., walking, running, and pet walking)
  • Socializing among neighbors
  • Gardening (where appropriate and with permission)
  • Casual recreation, leisurely enjoyment, and education activities (e.g., flora/fauna habitat study)
  • Leisurely bicycle riding
  • Orderly public gatherings and special events that have prior approval of the Greenline Committee
  • Use of light motorized devices by disabled individuals
  • Access by police/fire/utility emergency vehicles and V&E Greenline maintenance equipment.
  • The Memphis Police are authorized to enter the V&E Greenline and eject or arrest persons violating the prohibitions.

Prohibited Uses:

  • All motorized vehicles not specifically mentioned above, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, ATVs, go-karts, and Segways
  • Parking any vehicle or trailer on the Greenline or placing any other obstacle at the entrance off a public street so it blocks free access to the Greenline.
  • Playing loud music
  • Sleeping or camping
  • Loitering or staking out an adjacent property
  • Use of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs
  • Use of fireworks or firearms
  • Loud and boisterous behavior
  • Unsanctioned public gatherings
  • Littering or using the garbage cans for disposal of large items or limbs
  • Placing anything in the roadbed that impedes the access of users, including dumping anything (e.g., garbage, yard waste, scrap building materials)
  • Placing items in drainage areas that impede the flow of water
  • Encroaching on Greenline property with fences, gates, plantings or other obstructions—except as allowed by the V&E Greenline Committee
  • Using the V&E Greenline property to enter private property except to the extent allowed by a Park Conductor
  • Removing any vegetation or other items or cutting trees, except as authorized V&E Greenline maintenance
  • Vandalism and defacing property
  • Posting notices and other items on the bollards or signs
  • Placing items such as ropes, swings, benches, and tree houses in Greenline vegetation, unless authorized by the V&E Greenline Committee
  • All photographs taken on the property of the V&E Greenline are considered to be in the public realm, can be used without permission, and cannot be limited by copyright.