We Are Community Funded

The Greenline began as a overgrown, abandoned railroad. The community came together and cleaned it up, entirely without public funding. Now, as it was then, the Greenline is a community maintained trail. Without the support of donors and volunteers, the Greenline would fall into disrepair.

As an amenity that is entirely funded by the community, donations are crucial to keeping the Greenline alive. Donations go to things like new signage, refreshments for volunteers, and promotional costs. 

Donate through Paypal

Donating through Paypal is instant & easy. PayPal accepts all major bank & credit cards.

You can make a Monthly Donation through PayPal that is easy on your budget. If you are interested in making monthly donations using PayPal, there is a PayPal check box that can be clicked during the donation that would make it a monthly recurring payment.


Donate through United Way™

  [button align="left" link="http://www.unitedway.org" bgColor="#336B29" textColor="#ffffff"]Donation via United Way[/button]   Donor Agency: Vollintine Evergreen Community

Be sure to notify V&E Greenline that you have made a donation. Alternatively, you may also complete a donation form and mail or fax it to United Way.

Donate via Check

Fill out the above form out and mail to or drop off with your check at VECA’s offices located at 1680 Jackson Avenue, Memphis, TN, 38107.